PMP Certification Exam : - TIPS for the exam day

Listing down some tips for the exam day

  1. Get enough sleep the night before !! we already go through an intensive study routine for month, take the required rest so that our mind is ready to tackle those 4 crazy hours!!
  2. Calculate the number of questions you would be required to solve by 30 mins or 1 hour. This not only helps you keep a track of where you stand with respect to the exam hour but also helps keep you in charge of your speed.
  3. Make sure you reach the center at least 30 mins before your exam, it is always good to be at the place beforehand to avoid any last minute surprises and get into the exam in a composed state of mind.
  4. If you get stuck on a question for more than 4 -5 minutes better not waste more time on that, you could miss out on answering more questions if you continue on this one.
  5. DO NOT, I REPEAT - DO NOT assume you will get a lot of time to review the marked questions and solve them. Try to solve the question in one go only than waste time in reading n understanding it again at the end.
  6. Read the question at least twice! I had changed answers to at least 3 questions after reading the question the second time.
  7. Do not care about the exam result and get worried up. Just worry about answering the question in front of you. Take it one step at a time.
  8. If you do get time to review , don't rush through the review questions to complete all of them, instead concentrate on getting them right even if it means you tackle them slowly.
  9. Keep a lookout on questions that can provide answers to previous questions ! I had selected a wrong answer [made up PM term] to one of the questions. I had my doubts on it and had marked it when I moved a few questions ahead I cam across another question which had the correct PMism which helped me go back and correct the answer.
  10. Math is a great thing to know, EVM calculations can be done faster with usage of Math shortcuts and tricks and tips.
  11. None of the questions scream out which process group the answer is expected from - So if you get stuck , think of which process groups the problem is part of and it would be helpful to look at the scenario from that perspective while answering the question.
  12. I can't emphasize this enough!! create a brain dump. It helps to have the formulas and important points in front of one while giving the exam.
  13. Try to have a candy or something before you step in, Chocolate is a mood booster and it helps :)
  14. The Prometric center I had been to had temperature set very low in July hence it was pretty cold, thank god I had a pullover with me. So make sure you take a pullover or wear layers of clothes so that you can take them off if required during the exam. [This may seem like a senseless tip but believe me it was difficult to concentrate with it being so cold.]
  15. Be hydrated before the exam, but not as you approach the exam time. Nobody wants to keep visiting the restroom n wasting the checking up time [usually 5 mins ]while getting back into the room.
  16. Take a break in between, if you don't wish to step out to avoid the time wastage in checking. Sit at your place  and do deep breathing :))

Will add more as I recall it , if you have some more that needs to be added comment below!

Thank you !

Shounak S. Pandit

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