Zombies and PMP certification !!!

Zombies & PMP !!!  What is the correlation one may think 

Well after watching Zombie movies, I always wondered what would go on in a Zombie's mind if they were real. I mean all they did was run after a single goal by letting go of everything else around them the goal being killing the living for food [?] 

Well , I kind of found out, let me clarify I did not live a zombie's life :P. For the past 2 months I was metaphorically a zombie!!
After work, my life involved Reading 1873 pages out of 2 books, endless burning of the midnight oil, giving various online mock exams, having wraps & sandwiches for food & Starbucks coffees to keep me awake in the night for 60 days while running after just one single goal of clearing the exam in 1st attempt. I guess that should justify me saying it is an understatement to compare mylife with that of a Zombie - at least they got their food daily !

But yeah I guess when one finally sees the magic words "Congratulations you passed" on the screen those efforts are worth it ! 

Guess everyone else would be out celebrating, but no that wasn't my priority. Last weekend all I did was some catching up with my beauty sleep which I missed for these 2 months !! 

Well now that I am a PMI certified PMP would soon be getting back to blogging with posts on PMP certification, how to go about it and articles on Project Management. 

Stay tuned ! :) 

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